Top 10 Charming places of Yelagiri

Yelagiri, nestled amidst the foothills of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, offers a charming escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s not just a hill station; it’s a tapestry of scenic beauty, vibrant tribal culture, and thrilling adventures, making it a delightful destination for diverse travellers.

Yelagiri is a hill station in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has variety of enchanting green valleys, rose-gardens and orchards which lies at a height of 920 meters over the sea level.Yelagiri is nick named as “Poor Man’s Ooty”. The 14 breath-taking hairpin bends to Yelagiri offers an electrifying driving experience. Munn Veedu (Mud house), Velavan temple, Swamimalai forest, herbal tea rituals are some of the additional gems to pique your interest.

Best time to visit Yelagiri

From November to about mid-February would be the best time to visit Yelagiri as the weather is most beautiful during winter. However, during summer weather is not too hot hence anytime of the year is good for visiting.

How to reach

By Road:

  • Distance: Yelagiri is well-connected by road from major cities like Chennai (230 km), Bangalore (280 km), and Coimbatore (190 km).
  • Bus Services: Regular bus services operate from these cities to Yelagiri and nearby towns like Jolarpet and Tirupattur. This option is budget-friendly, but can be slower than trains or taxis.

By Train:

  • Nearest Station: Jolarpet Junction on the Chennai-Bangalore railway line is the closest major railway station, about 25 km from Yelagiri.
  • Scenic Option: Consider the Yelagiri Express, a charming toy train running from Jolarpet to Yelagiri, offering a breathtaking journey through verdant hills and valleys (limited schedule, so check timings).

By Air:

  • Nearest Airport: Coimbatore International Airport (CJB) is about 190 km from Yelagiri.
  • From Airport to Yelagiri: Hire a taxi or cab from the airport. The journey takes about 3-4 hours and costs around Rs. 2,500-3,500. Alternatively, take a bus from Coimbatore to Jolarpet and then board the toy train or taxi to Yelagiri.

Additional Tips:

  • Booking: Consider booking train or flight tickets in advance, especially during peak season (October-February).
  • Toy Train Experience: The Yelagiri Express is a popular tourist attraction, so book tickets well in advance.
  • Weather: Pack for cool mountain weather, especially during the rainy season.

1.Fundera Park – Birds Park

Fundera Park is a bird park and petting farm located in Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu, India. The park is home to over 500 birds and animals, including peacocks, parrots, macaws, ostriches, emus, and more.

The park is divided into two sections: the bird park and the petting farm. The bird park is a walk-in aviary where visitors can interact with the birds. The petting farm is home to a variety of farm animals, including cows, goats, pigs, and rabbits.

  • Feed the birds: The birds are used to being fed by humans, so you can easily interact with them.
  • Pet the animals: The animals at the petting farm are friendly and enjoy being petted.
  • Take a walk through the aviary: The aviary is home to a variety of birds from all over the world.
  • Learn about animals: The staff at the park can provide information about the animals.

Address: Nilavoor Rd, Yelagiri, Nagalathu Extension R F, Tamil Nadu 635853

Entry Fees: Rs.250 basic ticket rate to Fundera park

Timings: 09:30 am to 06:30 pm all days

How to reach

The distance between fundera park and Yelagiri bus stand is only 4 km and can be covered in 8 minutes. The easiest way to cover this distance is via autos.

Best Time To Visit

The best time recommended would be from February and November.

2.Jalagamparai Falls

This waterfall is a beautiful sight to behold, with a drop of about 15 meters. The water is clear and refreshing, and the surrounding area is lush and green. It is a popular tourist destination known for trekking, swimming and picnicking.

Address: Nagalathu Extension R F, Tamil Nadu

Timings: 07:00 am to 06:00 pm

Entry Fees: Free

How to reach

The distance between Jalagamparai Waterfalls and Yelagiri bus stand is around 37 kilometres. You can hire a cab or board a bus to reach Nilavoor. TAfter reaching Nilavoor, one has to trek for 6 kilometres to reach Jalagamparai Waterfalls. Also, there is a motorable road to reach the fall but it remains closed most of the time.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Jalagamparai Waterfalls is from November to January as during this time of the year the North-East Monsoon starts and ensures that the waterfall is in its full bloom.

3.Nilavoor Lake

Nilavoor lake is the artificial lake located in the Nilavoor village of Yelagiri. There is also a temple dedicated to Kadavu Nachiyai located near the lake. The lake is well known for fishing, boating and picnicking.

Location: Nilavoor Lake, Nilavoor Village, Yellagiri Hills, Tirupathur, Tirupathur District, Tamil Nadu, 635853

Timings: The boat ride is available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. It is open on all days.

Entry Fee: The entry to the lake is Rs. 10, and you’ll have to pay a minimum amount to enjoy the amusement rides. Boating charges are Rs. 50 for 10 minutes.

How To Reach

The Yelagiri bus stand is well-connected to nearby places like Tirupattar, Ambur, Harur, Natrampalli, and Vaniyambadi. The bus stand is about 4.5 km from the lake. You can also hire a cab or auto-rickshaw.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Nilavoor lake is from April to June and October to December.

4.Yelagiri Forest Hill

Yelagiri Forest Hill, sometimes referred to as Elagiri Hills, is a verdant haven nestled amidst the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India. It’s not just a hill station; it’s a tapestry of diverse landscapes, captivating views, and unique experiences waiting to be discovered.

Embark on thrilling treks and stumble upon hidden gems like Jalagamparai Falls and Punganoor Falls. Let the cascading waters refresh you and capture stunning photographs.

Explore the verdant Punganoor Lake Park, boasting a nature trail, an aquarium, and diverse flora. Observe butterflies, birds, and even spot the occasional deer, creating a peaceful escape.

Location: Vallipattu, Tamil Nadu 635853

Timings: The Yelagiri Forest hills are open from 9:30 AM in the morning and remain open till 5:30 PM in the evening on all days of the week.

Entry Fees: Free

How To Reach

The closest bus stand from Yelagiri Forest hills is the Athanavoor Bus stop which lies at a distance of 2.8 km from the site and it can be reached in 10 minutes by bus from the stand.

Best Time To Visit

The monsoon season from July to November is the best time to visit the hill station and enjoy the cool weather.

5.Swamimalai Hills

Swamimalai Hills, also known as Javadi Hills, stand as the crown jewels of Yelagiri, offering breathtaking scenery, thrilling adventures, and spiritual experiences.

Hike to the peak of Swamimalai Hill, the highest point in Yelagiri, and witness panoramic vistas of rolling hills, lush valleys, and shimmering lakes. Feel the cool breeze brush against your face and soak in the serene atmosphere.

Discover the ancient Shiva temple nestled amidst the rocks near the summit. Explore the intricate carvings and enjoy the tranquil ambiance, feeling a sense of spiritual connection.

Location:Swamimalai Trekking Rte, Mangalam, Mangalam R.F., Tamil Nadu 635853

Timings: There is no timings to visit the hills but visitors prefer visiting in the morning.

Entry Fees: There is no entry fee for swamimalai hills.

How to reach

It is located at a distance of 4.6km from Nilavoor Bus Stand, at a distance of 21.8km from Jolarpettai Railway Station, and at a distance of 194km from Bangalore International Airport.

Best time to visit

For sunny and clear climate, months from may to july would be the best choice.

For adventure and landscape beauty, months from september to march would be preferred.

6.Vainu Bappu Observatory

Vainu Bappu Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. It is located at Kavalur in the Javadi Hills, near Vaniyambadi in Tirupathur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is 200 km south-west of Chennai and 175 km south-east of Bangalore.

The observatory was founded in 1968 and is named after Vainu Bappu, a renowned Indian astronomer. The observatory is home to a variety of telescopes, including the 2.34-metre Vainu Bappu Telescope (VBT), which is the largest telescope in Asia.

Location: Javadi Hills, Alangayam, Kavalur, Tamil Nadu 635701

Timings: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Approximately one hour can be spent in this spot

Entry fee: free

Best Time to Visit
Everyone can visit the observatory on all Saturdays of the year. The peak season for observation is from January to May. It is advisable to visit the observatory on a summer Saturday with clear skies because winter creates fog and mists.

How to Reach
The nearest airport to Vainnu Bappu Observatory is the Bangalore International Airport. It is located 175 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore. To reach Kavalur, you can take the local bus or get a taxi. Kavalur is well-connected by bus to Hosur, Vaniyambadi, Krishnagiri and other cities of Tamil Nadu.

7.Punganoor Lake Park

Punganoor Lake Park is a popular tourist destination in Yelagiri, a hill station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The park is located on the banks of Punganoor Lake, a man-made lake that is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and picnicking.

The park is spread over an area of about 12 acres and consists of a variety of attractions, including:

  • A children’s park with swings, slides, and other play equipment
  • A boating lake with pedal boats and motorboats
  • A walking trail around the lake
  • A treetop viewpoint with stunning views of the surrounding hills
  • A Mughal Garden with fountains and flowerbeds

Location: Yelagiri Hills | Near Mughal Garden, Vellore.

Timings: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Entry Fee: Rs. 10 for Person, Rs. 5 for Camera, RS.75 per Person for Row Boat, & Rs. 50 per Person for Pedal Boat

Best Time to Visit
You can absolutely visit the Punganoor lake anytime you feel the need for taking a break from the chaos and head into the silence and quiet rejuvenation for the weekend.

How to Reach

The lake is at a distance of about 7 km from the city center and can be easily reached via cab or auto.

Additional tip:

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to walk around the park.
  • Carry sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Bring a camera to capture the beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding area.

8. Velavan Temple

The temple also houses shrines dedicated to other Hindu deities, including Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Lakshmi. There is also a large pond within the temple complex.

The Velavan Temple is a popular tourist destination as well. The temple offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Velavan Temple, also known as Murugan Temple, is a popular Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It is located on a hilltop in Yelagiri, a hill station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The temple was built in 1964 and is one of the most important religious sites in Yelagiri. It is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus from all over the state.

Location: National Highway 46 Pallikonda Tamil Nadu 635809

Timings: 6 am to 8 pm
Dharshanam happens from 6 am in the morning to 8 pm in the night. Couple of hours closed in the afternoon.

Entry Fee: No entry fees

Best Time to Visit
The months between September and March capture the most pleasant weather conditions of Yelagiri, so it would be good to visit at that time. If you are an ardent Murugan follower then you should not miss the Annual Festival of the temple which happens in the months of July and August.

How to Reach

You can arrive at the Jolarpettai Railway Station, situated 21 kilometres away from Yelagiri. From here you can either book a cab or take a bus to reach the Swamimalai hill.

9.Cloud Forest Entertainment Park

Cloud Forest Entertainment Park promises a day packed with thrill, adventure, and natural beauty. mmerse yourself in the melody of nature at the park’s bird sanctuary, home to numerous bird species like parrots, pigeons, and lovebirds. You can even feed them and create unforgettable memories.

Wander through the lush green gardens, bursting with vibrant flowers and aromatic scents, offering a tranquil escape and photo opportunities galore.Pamper your feet with a unique fish spa experience. These little ticklers nibble on dead skin cells, leaving your feet feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Location: Athanavoor, Mettukaniyur village, Yelagiri Hills, 635853

Timings: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Entry fee: INR 200

Best time to visit

For pleasant weather and adventure, October to February would be suitable.

For waterfun and moderate crowds, March to May would be preferred.

How to reach

By Private Vehicle: The park is conveniently located just 1.3 km from Yelagiri town center. Take Velavan Temple Road uphill until you reach the park entrance.

By Bus: Buses operating from various cities like Chennai and Bangalore stop at Jolarpet or Tirupattur. From there, you can hire a taxi or auto to reach the park.

10.Uncle Bernie’s Chocolate Factory – selfie panda

Uncle Bernie’s Chocolate Factory, nestled amidst the scenic hills of Yelagiri, promises a sweet and unique experience for your taste buds and adventurous spirit.

Chocolate Delights:

  • Handmade Magic: Witness the art of handcrafted chocolate-making, from bean selection to tempering and molding, appreciating the skill and dedication behind each delicious bite.
  • Flavorful Adventures: Embark on a tasting journey of diverse chocolate flavors, from classic dark chocolate to playful options like chili-infused or coffee-infused truffles.
  • Create your own: Get creative and participate in a chocolate-making workshop, customizing your own chocolates with your favorite toppings and shapes, to take home a personalized treat.

Location: Nilavoor Rd, Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu 635853

Timings: 09:00 am to 07 :00 pm

Entry fee: INR 150

Best time to visit

For pleasant weather and crowds, October to February would be suitable.

For Cheaper prices and fewer crowds, March to May would be preferred.

How to reach

By Bus: Yelagiri is accessible by bus from various cities like Chennai and Bangalore. Get off at Jolarpet or Tirupattur and then hire a taxi or auto to reach the factory.

Private Vehicle: The factory has ample parking space, so driving your car is another option if you’re coming from within Yelagiri. Look for signs on Velavan Temple Road. Even taxis are readily available and easy to navigate to the factory.

Yelagiri’s charm lies in its unexpected surprises and hidden corners. So, pack your sense of adventure, your walking shoes, and an open mind to discover the magic beyond the obvious. Have a wonderful and unique Yelagiri adventure!

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